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Based in Saigon, Vietnam, this band is bringing you a mix
of Blues, Funk and Soul with passion and love for music.

Four gentlemen who breath, play and live music because
they can! No attitude, no ambition other then to give you a
great time and enjoy music with them!

The mystery of Brooklyn……… A city with a history they all
shared and prefer to keep a secret. Reunited in Asia and
never to separated again.

Dr. G
Dr. G Guitar & Vocals

This front man eats and breaths guitar
with an amazing bluesy voice. Born in
France and traveled the world. Ready
for anything!



Martin Seij


Martin Bass & Vocals


Born in Holland, raised with a bass guitar       
and playing music all his life. Loves to play
Blues, Funk and Soul.




Marc Martens


Marc Keys


Typical Dutch virtuoso on piano and
keyboard, can play anything you want
as long as it grooves!




Rob Varro



Rob Drums & Vocals


Canadian master of rhythm and percussion
will bring the ladies to the dance floor
Every time we play.





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